terça-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2011


I failed. Once again I let myself fall on hope.
I didn't care. I had you by my side and I thought your love too. But, one more time , I was wrong and I didn't wanna listen to anybody. For what ? To telling me I was falling in the same mistake again ? To say I was living a dream that later would become a nightmare ? No thanks. I didn't give heed to anyone.
In fact , I really were living a dream , a perfect fairytale with no happy ending.
Yeah , people were right. the same history happened again , without changing anything. You spit on me , demean me. 
It's always you who's right isn't it ? 
I should had guessed.
You said I had someone else , I said my eyes only see you ; you said i'm a hooker and I thought «Fuck you man ! I'm tired of always be the blame one , even without doing anythig ! I don't care anymore about your stupid feelings , your stupid thoughts , your hurtful words ! I'm sick of loving you , go to hell» , but in the end my answer was a big sigh in the midle of a silent tear.
It was the end , this time forever.
Go away, let me live my life , recuperate an year and half of live and , once and for all , move on.

escrito por: Tânia Ferreira

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